New Nanette Wins Silver

SPRING 2016 - Watch out for out latest cheeses, handmade from local cows milk. When you come to our stall you will find 'Meadowsweet' which is a soft cheese yet firm enough to slice - delicious as it is or grilled on toast, peppers or mushrooms. Also look out for our English Herb Cheese - looks spectacular - layer of herbs hidden within delicious cheese. Only English herbs have been used - rosemary, thyme, marjoram, parsley, sage and mint - and these go so well with the cheese. Great for a Ploughmans with a difference!

We are delighted to tell everyone that our new cheese which is a soft mould ripened cheese called 'Nanette' has just won Silver at the Taste of the West Cheese Awards. This is a traditionally handmade camembert style cheese which ripens to give a white moulded rind which is soft beneath having a firmer centre - it has a heavenly taste with a pleasant slight hint of goat. Of course you can leave to ripen further when it will be deliciously gooey. It can also be baked when it is scrumptious with crusty artisan bread for dipping and a glass of wine. It is also now available to buy in our Online shop.

Annette Lee

Artisan Cheesemaker

Award winning

Award winning Goat and Cow cheese manufactured and supplied from a small family run business.

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